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The entire GCC Region has been experiencing a boom in infrastructure growth during the last few years where finding the right show rooms or corporate offices especially for large Retail corporations owning/subletting or leasing multiple outlets is a huge challenge in terms of space management, tenant billing, utility expense control, asset tracking as well as integrating the solutions for capture of billing data to back end tier 1 ERP applications bot from an owner as well as tenant perspective which needs a niche automated Lease management solution

ITWare has identified the need for a specific user friendly solutions for Lease Management both from a lessor and lessee perspective in GCC Region and tied up with one of the Global leaders in this domain, M/s NTrust Services, the Lease data specialists, a Global solution vendor in this domain with more than 500 resources operating out of US and India serving a niche clientele including some Fortune 500 companies. The solution is available both on Cloud and as on premise solution with extensive back end integration capabilities and local support and services available from ITWare as a GCC partner

Web based enterprise lease administration system

Flexible, Feature-Rich, and Comprehensive N-Tier Architecture

Highly cost effective in terms of implementation, configuration and maintenance

Available as Enterprise or as a SaaS Offering

Comprehensive Web-service interfaces integrate with all ERP systems

Extensive retail functionality

IFRS compliant including straight line rent and lease projections

Robust Budgeting and expense reconciliation features to track expenses and recovery

Multi-language feature to manage global portfolios

Functions and Features

Powerful Rent Processing

REAPTM has a powerful rent processing system that allows you to easily identify exceptions and create a review process for approvals.

Percentage Rent

Use multiple types and break points for percent rent calculations and interface directly with your POS.

Sales Tax

Many of the variances in retail income reporting stem from the complexities of tracking sales taxes across multiple Tax Authorities.

Track Critical Dates

Many of the variances in retail income reporting stem from the complexities of tracking sales taxes across multiple Tax Authorities.

Manage Co-tenancy

Reduce rent by taking advantage of the co-tenancy clauses of your lease.

Quick and Accurate Expense Reconciliation

Audit landlord statements of expenses, such as Common Area Maintenance (CAM), against the applicable lease-specific language.

Rent Escalations Alerts

Leases use a variety of indices for rent increase. Set alerts and reference links to the index for each lease and update your rent liabilities.

FASB Lease Accounting Change Compliance

REAPTM is fully FASB 13 compliant and its architecture will allow an easy transition to the New FASB Lease Accounting standard.

Query BuilderTM

Not only does REAPTM come with a powerful set of standard reports, but its Query BuilderTM allows the creation of complex and analytical

Increase Productivity

REAPTM automates many of the most time consuming tasks that face portfolio managers.Users can easily review and process payments and receipts with an intuitive and informative interface.

Ease of Use

There is no enterprise-class real estate management application that is easier to use than REAPTM

Reduce Complexity

REAPTM was designed to be comprehensive and easy to use. Reducing the complexity of managing real estate portfolios means providing CRE professionals with excellent tools and significant flexibility. REAPTM  accomplishes this by not using “one size fits all” solution.

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