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SmartTrack WMS

We are also in the process of creating a smart phone solution for WMS called “SmartTrack” for providing most of the WMS functionality where required to logistic users on the move to track their inventory any time anywhere and to have total control over their operations.

Smart Track Features as Mobile Application

Smart Track

Android and Windows Mobile platforms

Smart Track-bar code scanner

Interface Exe for bar code scanner without data entry

Smart Track-Inventory Reports

Inventory Reports for senior management at any time

Smart Track-HTML 5

Easy to use interface with HTML 5 capabilities

Smart Track-core WMS

Fully Integrated with core WMS in Real time interface

Smart Track -Inventory reports

Export of Inventory reports to MS excel,PDF,XML and CSV

Smart Track -GRN, Delivery,Stock Take

GRN, Delivery,Stock Take and Enquiries from mobile

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