Sales Force Automation – Show Room sales staff mobile solution


A Large Furniture show room with branches and stores across UAE

Business Challenges:

As customers went through large shops picking up their items based on their choice of color, specs etc. and when they came to retail POS counter lot of time was lost in terms of finding out stock availability, delivery dates and price. This lead to some lost sales as well as customer unhappiness

What We Did:

In tandem with Customer’s IT and CRM teams a Hand held application developed in HTML/IOS tablet for show room sales men to help the customers to choose the items of choice, add to shopping cart, have a real time view of available inventory across stores for better available to promise delivery dates and avoid delays at the counter for sales order preparation.

Real time integration was also enabled using Infor’s middle-ware approach to the back end for instant ratification of stocks availability directly with the IOS application

Technologies Used:

  • IOS,
  • HTML 5,
  • Infor AFS and MS based CRM


All the salesmen now use the IPhone application to interact with the customers which makes the whole shopping experience for customers more personalized, saves time as well as helps them take decisions on purchase instantly due to stock availability and price data on the fly

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