Mobile Field Sales Incentive CRM Application


Samsung SDS ME

Business Challenges:

Salesmen across Region needed to have a real time tool to find out their incentives based on MIME codes, models, targets etc. rather than waiting for daily/weekly reports in real time. They also needed a kind of education tool to assist them in improving their sales performance and to track their targets. Show room Managers also need lot of analytic reports for these incentives rather than depending on the back office for these reports

What We Did:

Android application with a web middle ware interface for a large number of salesmen across MENA Region to calculate incentives based on MIME codes of mobile, model, sales targets etc. as well as lot of analytic reports on show room, country and Region performance for management as well as an education tool for them to understand how they can use the incentive application to achieve their targets and increase revenue for the shop.

  • Enable user to use the application on their preferred language.
  • Enable floor sales person to register bulk IMEI by connecting devices via Bluetooth.
  • Provide each access for the floor sales person to view their earning & point table.
  • Subsidiaries can communicate their latest announcement, promotions message with floor salesman / dealer.
  • Online space for the user to raise question to the subsidiary.
  • This application will work offline.

Technologies Used:

  • Web page & Web service – ASP.Net 3.5 or above.
  • Mobile App – Android 2.3.3 and above.
  • Database – MS SQL Server 2005 or above.


Already rolled out to various Regions for the salesmen to find out their incentives based on MIME code which really motivates them to improve their performance and productivity and lesser mistakes in terms of MIME code tracking for the incentives.

As part of phase 2 lot of add on features being implemented

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