Enterprise Solutions used – Baan IV with functional customizations suited to textile Industry

Project by ITWARE

  • Implementation of ERP
  • Customized Weighted Average solution with Landed costs.

Business Challenges

  • Due to dynamic changes in RM pricing customer needed to keep track of actual costs by Lots instead of standard costs
  • Customer also needed actual loading of all landed costs by volume/ value based on each shipment to arrive at actual cost
    of each shipment before issue with GRN process as standard surcharges were not working for them

Our Solution

  • Created new master data sessions for loading of each landed costs component by actual value or percentage for each item / item
  • Customized new sessions for weighted average processing where system could calculate actual weighted costs based on logic given to update item master standard costs with actual weighted average after landed costs instead of waiting for supplier invoice approval
  • A small session was also developed to ensure that supplier invoice costs were not overwritten to the weighted average calculation
  • ERP Finance was updated with inventory valuation for landed costs loading as well as weighted average valuation by inventory with new reports for landed costs and weighted average

Business Benefits

Customer still using the solution for almost 10+ years for their audit and inventory valuation

Technology used

  • Baan Tools customization
  • AFS scripts
  • Schema updates for Finance Journals
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