Customer KGT group, Dubai, UAE


Customer KGT group, Dubai, UAE

Business Challenges:

Inventory tracking especially for spare parts for their service business was managed through a legacy system which was not giving the right results.
Customs is their main pain area when they approached us for our LogiTrack WMS solution which gives the extensive traceability option for both Custom bounded warehouse and the Non Custom Bounded Warehouse with multiple vendor support.

They wanted to track their BOE items with exports to ensure customs exemption with correct item codes are in place and there is no leakage of revenue as well as compliance with local customs regulations.

What We Did:

Came up with a Custom LogiTrack WMS solution for them which support both Customs and Non Customs Warehouse which supports Multi-vendor also support multi-currency functionality. We also customized reports for their functionality where they can view their imported and exported items based on custom id/item master /BOE code at any point of time

Technologies Used:

MS Visual Technology with MS SQL Server and a hand held solution (optional)


Customer is using our solution for more than 10 years now with add on modifications for reports and functionality and very happy with the solution and our support

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